"The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and realize it.
It is not something you wait for, but something you create"
This is one of the engravings on the new, Museum of the Future in Dubai, a thought that could not better embody the spirit of research that characterizes our studio: Mama's ambition to always go beyond limits, exploring new forms, challenging pre-established models, pursuing innovation, always looking beyond.Dubai's urban planning philosophy fits so well with ours that we could not help but support this union: Mama is opening a new doors in one of the world's most important cities in terms of urban development.
"We have always pursued a futuristic vision of the world
with the desire to preserve its past.
It is our ambition ....
The same one that brought us here.”

In Dubai, new advances in design have changed the face of world architecture forever. Here, tradition coexists with a radical evolution towards modernity, and Mama chooses to be part of this major turning point in architectural history. Futuristic architecture dominated by skyscrapers that seem to defy gravity and buildings that make use of the latest technology. The fascinating shapes, twists and avant-garde design that characterizes Dubai's new urban planning philosophy, Dynamic Architecture: we are ready to help bring the next unique building to life.