We spend our lives making plans,
looking for a detail, for that little something
that makes us unique, different.
That can turn single dots in real outlined projects

In 2005 Matteo Antonelli and Andrea Miscoli founded Mama Design, a multidisciplinary architectural firm operating in the fields of design, lighting and urban planning. The two architects work together creating spaces, atmospheres and products with a highly refined sense of place.
Their modus operandi is experimental in the sense that it always analyzes the perceptive and emotional aspects applied to architectural space.
They always design environments by listening, observing and understanding people’s needs, transforming spaces into emotiona places. Matteo and Andrea are convinced that good architecture is first and foremost a mental operation.

For me, a big part of design is
feeling the materials and working with
craftsmen and builders first hand

They are both demanding and uncontrollable. They have found themselves in the continuous search for a balance between the emotional physical space and the most avant-garde architectural solutions, convinced that the technique and its refinement are the bridge through which is possible to put ideas into practice.

In the last 15 years Mama design has opened its doors to the international panorama, working in Europe and in the Middle East and dealing with high-level design and research in the architectural, cultural, design and interior design field.

Harold Wagoner said that the great thing
about being an architect is you can walk
into your dreams. I can’t agree more

Matteo and Andrea take part, as speakers, in national and international conferences on the themes of architecture and lighting.