“Art and Architecture have always been connected by a mutually productive dialogue: we could not create anything without thinking that our work is made of art”

The relationship between art, architecture and design is constant over time. The list of authors who work in between this interdisciplinarity is long and Mama Design Studio fully embraces this historical and, at the same time, avant-garde contamination.
When we are commissioned an installation, that can embody the spirit of a brand or a product, we let our dual nature of space designers and artisans of the material flow together.

“The harmony of proportions, the chromatic balance, the modulation of a shape are the same research phases as those of the design of a facade, an interior, a furnishing component as well as of an artistic installation.”

Creating the architecture of an installation work, building its soul, choosing its proportions, covering it with the most suitable material, designing its lighting and then, seeing the work taking shape, living its own life and through the eyes of people who will contemplate it: all this is pure emotion.
Materials, their tactile, physical and unusual presence that leads to new possibilities of creating structures and shapes, the interaction with the installation space, with the natural and artificial light: everything plays a role in the uniqueness of the artistic creation.

Phi Beach Baja Sardinia
Sassolungo Val Gardena

Iron, plexiglass, hammered steel, 4mt x 3mt

The installation created by Mama Design was first launched in the suggestive setting of Phi Beach Baja Sardinia in Arzachena (Sardinia) and then in the majesty of the Dolomites, Sassolungo, between Val Gardena and Val di Fassa.
The Roman studio has reinvented the lines of the iconic Mercedes star by merging technology and tradition in an installation capable of statically narrating the dynamism of the well-known German brand. A sculpture in iron, plexiglass and hammered steel of over three meters stands in the natural environments of Baja Sardinia and the Dolomites.

“A light and intangible work during the day,
complex and dreamlike in the night"

The plexiglass pieces composing the three-pointed star, heart of the logo that represents the three ways of mobility (water, earth and air), reflect the light, creating a play of transparencies between full and empty spaces. A symbolic sculpture that recalls and highlights the technical evolution, elegance and comfort, typical of Mercedes Benz cars.

Teatro Piccolo, Milano (Design week)
Iron, Nylon tie-rods, 12x12 ml

In 2018 Mama Design was chosen to represent the new era of electric cars in the Jaguar world, with the launch of its E-Pace for the Design week 2018
New frontiers of the car, new perspectives: a new Renaissance.

"Listening to a world that was born to be silent... 
Shifting one's point of view to perceive different noises... 
this was our starting point.”

Since then a work has been developed and step by step, through perspective studies combined with ad hoc construction techniques, it has allowed us to enter the installation... hence the beginning of the Mama Design - Jaguar union, followed by the next edition of 2019.