Successful architects must be able to move
making forget the immense effort that stand behind the work.

Mama Design works to define new forms, to suggest new ways of living, to inspire new lifestyles and to design flexible and tailored environments.
The main goal is aiming at a concept of customization as the ultimate goal of the idea of comfort, of luxury and uniqueness that over the years have become indispensable values for Mama Design.
A macro-creativity intended as a design of spaces, environments, public and private structures is flanked by a micro-creativity conceived essentially as a product design. Platek Lighting, Valli&Valli, PentaGroup, Lanzini, Ceramiche Giovanni De Maio, IGV Group, Photinus Lighting, are just some of the brands which Mama Design works with.

Mama Design has a holistic and transversal approach:
that allows it to stand out
in the different areas of intervention.

Going beyond the limits of research and technology, Mama Design conceives architectural design as an instrument of experimentation aimed to communicate and provoke the senses through the integration of form and function, light and colour, material and technology. Each project begins with the construction of an empathetic connection with the customer, in order to conceive spaces - or objects - in relation to the people and up to their expectations.

From the concept development until the built phase, the studio gives its own knowledges covering the whole design process until the management of the work. Mama design’s architects worked on the temporary spaces for Jaguar, Sky and Red Bull, they also have been involved in the design of the interior spaces of the skyscraper Lakhta Center and of Gazprom Neft offices in Saint Petersburg. In China they collaborate with Real Estate like Cheng Du Wide Horizon Ltd. and Cosmo Ltd.

This is how ideas become new insights.
Points merge into winding lines.
Concepts turn out to be clever paths toward the future.

In addition to the design of objects and architectures the studio is often called to design indoor environments. The field of lighting design is in fact a parallel core business to the design. Over the years Mama Design has signed projects ranging from urban lighting to public and private buildings, luxury homes, shopping centers, churches, monuments and urban parks. Light is conceived as a means to increase the psychophysical well-being of the users, but also as the "well-being" of the architectures themselves, enhanced by the imaginative power that only light is holding. According to this principle, Mama Design connects the different applications of light design with architectural design, redefining the concept of lighting itself. The result is a very sophisticated light control with a strong evocative charge. Among the clients of Mama Design: La Rinascente group, the LUMSA (Libera Università Maria Santissima Assunta), the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Thanks to a strong knowledge of industry trends and a long experience in the overall vision of the creative and methodological process, the studio is also specialized in Art Director or Technical Director consultancy, becoming a reference point for the sector companies in need of a guidance when tracing new strategic and product development paths.