The purpose of our work is to generate
the satisfaction of the customer
and always ensure a unique
sensory and emotional experience.

Designing luxury has its rules: the excellence of quality and use of refined raw materials, but also exclusivity, uniqueness and memorability. Luxury must shine with its own light, this is the belief of Matteo Antonelli and Andrea Miscoli. Luxury must be iconic and unmistakable, the perfect synthesis of beauty and refinement, but above all it must excite

We imagine, design and then create
an object, a space, an atmosphere,
that arouse pleasure, emotion, excitement,
a sensory pleasure, an aesthetic satisfaction:
an experience that never ends.

Mama design thinks that luxury without a unique and memorable emotional feature cannot exist. Luxury is the result of a creative journey, like a symphony that is beginning to take shape, each time a different one, unexpected and unpredictable, thus becoming the embodiment of a vision. Luxury is a research that lies not only in the study of innovative stylistic solutions but also in the search of the Craftsmanship - historically recognized as Made in Italy - as a qualifying element of the concept of Luxury itself.

Our main goal
is to create an identity
without falling into clichés.